Boarding Promotion

Welcome to the Jones Toy Breed Boarding Kennels Promo.  We have come up with two programs that will not only benefit your pets but also help financally when boarding with us.

First promo, we keep track of every time you board your dog/s with us. After 10 visit, your 11 visit will have 10 % taken off the boarding fee before GST is added to the boarding fee.

boarding promo. April 5, 2106

Second promo, you will receive 5 of our promotional referral business cards to hand out. The following diagram is how the program works. Once you get the five cards you would hand them out to five different people that you know with pets or even if you have someone that knows someone else that might be looking to board their pets. Once all five of the cards with your name come in we will email you a confirmation that we have received all of them and you will receive 10% off of your next stay, before GST is added to the boarding fee. With the cards that are being used as referrals there is a two day minimum board for it to be counted as a referral. Each time you would board your pets you will get another five cards. So if you board your dog five times with us and in the end get a total of 25 cards and they all come in, you would get on five different occasions a 10% discount on each stay.

If you have any further questions regarding this promotion please feel free to contact us regarding it.