Kennel Pictures

Here are some pictures of our Kennel and some of the pictures I have taken of some of the dogs that have been boarded in the past for your enjoyment.

Jones Boarding kennelJones Toy Breed Boarding Kennel Dog RunEntrance of Jones Boarding KennelJones Toy Breed Boarding Kennel TV Areakitchen in kennelkitchen in kennel.Jones Boarding kennel ..Jones Boarding Kennel.Jones boarding kennel  Jones boarding kennel Safety Zone areascharlie-aug-1416misty-oct-916turbo-may-2716Boarding Cruz, March 29, 2016Cooper, Bentley & Samson, May 3, 2016bandit-june-3016Iris March 9, 2016_1Boarding Maya, March 29, 2016pooka-july-116gliss-pixy-dessa-aug-616lemmy-july-2316Blu & BentleyTimmyTaliCookie & rascalJones Toy Breed Boarding Kennel.,bee & buddyBoo & Jiggy_MG_4463_fotor_fotorPoco chicka mikaZildjian & SabianPepsi and tacoDiggerOreo & JackTangokurby-oct-916Sophie & cocoaAero Boarding April 1, 2016Pablo, boarding april 2016tangoOliver and gunnerTootsiebiscuit & sadieOdie pepper Ann PeeblesFerbie Just Chill'n Boarding Jan. 13, 2016Opus, Osa, Padro rickyBowser and LouisPeetryRadarAmigoMisty & StevieAdioChiquita