Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough – Bordetella Vaccine – To Vaccinate or Not

We love our dogs and want what is best for them. Kennel Cough is on the increase because pet owners have become negligent in immunizing their pets against it. Their owners say, “why should I immunize (Bordetella Vaccine) against Kennel Cough when my dog is not around other dogs and is not going to a kennel?” They don’t realize that Kennel Cough travels through the air and it doesn’t matter if your dog never leaves the home, it can still contract Kennel Cough.

Coughing once in a while because of an irritation or something stuck in your dog’s throat is one thing and perhaps nothing to worry about but when your dog has a persistent cough and has problems breathing you do have a problem.

Common causes of dogs coughing are: obstruction in the windpipe, bronchitis, Heart Worm Disease, lung tumors, and Pneumonia disorder. All these causes can cause death if not treated by your Veterinarian.

Only with your Veterinarian’s tests can you determined what illness your dog has and how to treat it.

Some signs that your dog has Kennel Cough are: choking sounds, continuous reverse sneezing throughout the day, discharge from its eyes, runny nose, and lots of sneezing.

The usual treatment will be a prescription for antibiotics and your dog will be fine if it was taken to the Veterinarian with in a day or two. It can take up to six weeks to recover once your dog is on antibiotics. If left untreated Kennel Cough can case death.

The Kennel Cough vaccine is not recommended for pups under 4 months of age.