Toxic Food Dishes & Dog Toys

As pet owners it is our responsibility to protect our dogs from harm.

Lead toxicity in our dogs’ toys and dog dishes in this day and age? You would be surprised to know it is not just human toys and dishes that have been tested and found to have high levels of lead in them.

Many dogs succumb to lead poisoning from high levels of lead in their plastic or rubber toys and food/water dishes, and 100 % of these toxic items come from China. Actually, most of our dog products come from China. It is important to know where all your dog purchases are produced, not just their food.

Lead is a metal that can have profound health effects in living things if ingested. Paint manufactured before 1977 often contained lead, which is released into the air, water, and soil when paint is disturbed (usually during renovations). The paint is perfectly safe while it’s on the walls, but once you start scraping it you create a toxicity problem. This lead paint, when used on dog products, may result in illness or death if the dog, biting these items, ingests the toxic paint. Lead paint is no longer legal to manufacture in USA & Canada but in China it is still used in many products.

It is important to know the signs of lead poisoning in order to protect your dog. Remember, puppies are more likely to ingest things that contain lead because they normally chew everything they come in contact with.

Lead toxicity can cause anemia (low red blood cell count), gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea) and nervous system problems (seizures). Female dogs nursing their pups can transfer these toxins to their pups and their pups can die.

Please watch for these symptoms and go to your Veterinarian if your dog shows any of these signs.



*intolerance for exercise

*shortness of breath

*loss of appetite


*abdominal pain



*behavior changes

*incoordination problems

*aggressive behaviour

*muscle tremors


*mental “dullness” (not alert)

*increased thirst and urinations