Exercise & Your Dog

All dogs need exercise to be physically and mentally healthy. During nice weather you can enjoy long walks, trips to the park and games of fetch out in the sunshine. But when the cold weather starts to creep in and your dog really doesn’t want to go out or on the rainy days when again your dog doesn’t want to go outside, you know you have to get creative.

The activities that will keep your dog from being bored and teach him to use his mind as well as his body are very important. Dogs have wonderful olfactory systems. The nose that can sniff out so many things can be put to good use in a game of Find Your Dinner. If you feed Kibble, you can hide some in various places and allow your dog to discover each piece or a few pieces together as a coat pocket or under a through rug.

Play fetch in the house with a ball or play tug-a-war with your dog. Do some obedience with your dog and teach it a new trick. You can freeze some veggies or fruit in an ice cube and watch your dog try to get the food out of the ice cube. Try to be inventive when it comes to the games you play with your dog. Many people tell me that when they spend time playing with their dogs, it is not just giving them exercise but quality time with their owner.

From my experience, the more your dog learns and moves, the more healthy they become. My dogs even put their toys away after they are done playing with them.

I also feel that you should always have two dogs together for play, so if you only have one dog, you can go to a friend’s home that has a dog and have a play date. Some people decide to purchase another dogmate for their dog. Some times two dogs are “yes” more work but they also play together and enjoy each others company when you would like to something without your dog.

Dogs need exercise year round and we need to exercise ourselves too. So love your dog and spend quality time with them by exercising their minds and bodies.