Welcome to Jones Toy Breed Boarding Kennel

Our specialty is boarding small Toy Breed Dogs under 16 inches (41 cm) tall, in a home environment. Our boarding kennel is designed like your home in order to make your dogs feel at they are at home.  Your dog’s stay with us is more enjoyable and they will feel like they are part of the family. Should your dog be paper trained, prefer pee pads or wish to use the outside washroom, we are able to maintain their schedule here in the same way as when they are with you. With exceptions, we do not crate or kennel dogs here.  We believe in Safety Zone Areas instead.  Our guests are sent outside if weather is appropriate for their breed.  We have a dog run, and on nice days the dogs will take from 1 to 3 walks with staff. We provide grooming services while your dog is here with us.  When you return to pick up your pet, they will not only feel great, they will look great! We can offer Veterinarian services for cleaning teeth, annual vaccinations, deworming, neuter or spaying, should you require any of these services. It is our goal to meet all dogs before boarding them in order to familiarize them with our facility.  We are also family operated. Pictures and Video are e-mailed to our guests’ owners, should you have internet access, when dogs are boarded with us for more than three days. We are located 45 minutes north of St. Albert and between Westlock and Barrhead, south of Hwy. 18. To make an appointment for a viewing of our facilities, or an appointment to board your dog/s, you can either phone us at #780-349-2868 or e-mail us at jonesboardingkennel@gmail.com.  Because we keep our dogs on a schedule we do not allow unplanned visits.

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